Attract Your Dream Mate

Struggling to attract your dream mate? Then struggle no more.

£99 for an hour of relationship coaching that will get you on your way to attracting that dream partner into your life. 

During this jam packed hour, we are going to work on:

  •  Getting clear on who your ideal mate is,
  •  What is stopping you attracting them to you,
  •  Aligning to attracting that person into your life,
  •  And deciding what your next steps are.

You will walk away:

  • Knowing exactly what you want in a mate and relationship. 
  • With the awareness of the resistances (the beliefs, thoughts, emotions, patterns, past relationship hurts, childhood experiences) that are stopping you from attracting your ideal partner. 
  • With the tool to clear the resistance and align to that dream mate. 
  • Knowing what your next steps are. 

No more waiting and dreaming of that perfect person showing up in your life!

What are you waiting for? Book your session now. 

Why this?

Whatever is going on within you will affect the person you attract into your life. Those resistances you have, i.e. the beliefs you hold, the thoughts you have regularly, the patterns you’ve created, the experiences you’ve gone through, the emotions linked to any of those, all of that affects the person you attract to you. 

For instance, if you have the belief that all men cheat, then you will attract that kind of person to you, fulfil that belief and reinforce it more. Your subconscious is giving you what you expect. 

You may not even be aware this belief is there, running the show. But it is. This is what we want to uncover, and only then can you take the steps to change these resistances and change the outcome. 

If you want your dream mate, you need to first work on yourself

How do I know this works?

This is what I did when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. Within 6 months I had met the man who I will be marrying on 23rd April 2022 (we are engaged and have set the date).

I have seen it work with clients. Clients who have not wanted to date because they didn’t think they were good enough, clients who had been hurt in the past and were scared, and clients who had a pattern of attracting the wrong person. All of them turned it around by working on themselves first. 

So, what are you waiting for? What is stopping you from having that dream partner? 

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What are you waiting for? Book your session now.