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Pilates Online Membership Annually

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About this membership:​

Warrior In Training Pilates Online Membership is an excellent place to start your Pilates journey.

This is an annual membership where you have access to:

» 7 Day free trial
» 2 new 30 minute videos each week,
» Over 250 Pilates sessions already uploaded,
» Sessions are mixed between using equipment, coffee tables, chairs, just a mat, even one with toilet roll as a prop,
» Access to me to ask any question or get modifications,
» Pilates anytime, anywhere.
» 15% off Virtual classes and coaching sessions.
» Cancel any time.

No more excuses to not start your fitness journey.

This is perfect for you, if you:
» want to work out at home.
» work irregular hours and can’t commit to a class.
» want to supplement your current exercise schedule.
» have young children and can’t get to a class.
» feel self conscious and would rather work out alone.

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