It is time to have the relationship YOU desire!

Start to create a relationship you love with tools that will be there to support you throughout your life.
Experiences starts Monday 24th January.

  • Clarity what you really desire in a relationship. 
  • Learn how to be able to overcome negative emotions.
  • Get tools that will support you in whatever situation arises in your relationship.
  • Understand how your energy and subconscious affects your relationship. 
  • Identify what negative thoughts are holding you back in achieving your relationship goals.  
  • Learn how to use the Energy Alignment Method to aid you in your relationship. 
  • Each day I will share an action for you to do, which should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. 
  • Content will be provided in a private, confidential Facebook group and be supported by me and the community. 
  • I’ll be there to answer any questions that you may have.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Headshot of Ceza

Hey, I’m Ceza.

I have been in a relationship that was struggling. I felt unhappy, unsupported and desperate to fix it. It was starting to affect every part of my life.

I went through the journey of working on the relationship with EAM, working on myself, stepping into my confidence and making decisions that were on my terms. Decisions that meant I was truly embracing who I was and that made me happy. 

The answers are within you! When you work on you, the actions and answers you are looking for become clear. 

I am here to help you feel confident, happier and know you can work through any problem you relationship throws at you. 

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