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At Warrior In Training, we celebrate honouring your body through fitness, nutrition, and restful sleep. Explore our Pilates programmes designed to strengthen, mobilise, and increase flexibility, helping you feel your best every day. Boost your confidence and love your body for all it can do.

Whether you prefer home workouts, group camaraderie, or full-body strengthening, I have the perfect solution for you. Choose from my flexible Pilates Membership for anytime, anywhere access, or join live in-person and online classes.

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Pilates Online

On-demand Pilates anytime anywhere - more than 400 videos to choose from, do it from the comfort of your home, garden or holiday location.

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Pilates Classes

Join us for a live online Pilates classes or in person classes, following your instructor, Ceza, and being able to connect with other participants.

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Pre/post natal classes

Classes modified for pregnant women. Postnatal classes for recovery and be able to bring baby along.

What Our customers say


Pilates is a series of slow, controlled movement that focus on strengthening the core muscle and moving out from there to strengthen the whole body. We not only incorporate strengthening, we also bring flexibility and mobility to the body, so the body supports you in everything you do.

Pilates is very much focused on the core, glutes and spinal alignment. We work from the inside out, from the core out. When the body is in alignment and mobile, you will be healthier and happier. 

Pilates Online is an on-demand membership where you will have access to pre-recorded Pilates videos. Following my guidance to do the classes in your home at whichever time and day suits you. You will also be able to choose which workout you follow. 

The live online Pilates class is an online class on Zoom with me live. I will be able to see you (if your camera is on) and give you pointers. There will be others on at the same time.

Yes, of course you can. Let the instructor know you are new and she will be able to give you modifications to make the exercises easier and give more guidance. 

Absolutely! Pilates during your pregnancy will keep your body strong and mobile. It will keep your core strong, which will help with delivery and recovery. Classes are modified to accommodate pregnancy. 

Special prenatal in person classes are available. You can also find the prenatal playlist on the Pilates Online Membership. 

Yes, the postnatal Pilates classes are specially for mums who’ve had a baby and want to bring the baby along to class with them. It means you still get a workout and don’t have to worry about child care. 

The exercises will also be modified for post partum, if needed, so that you are allowing your body to heal from childbirth. 

Most injuries still allow you to continue with the class, and any modifications can be given. However, it is best to contact us, so we can advise you better. It might be better for you to start with 1-to-1 sessions first, then then join the group setting. It might be that the class won’t be suitable for you at this moment. If in doubt, always contact us, we are happy to talk it through with you. 

Please do not feel self-conscious. What is great about Pilates is that everyone is focusing on their own body and majority of the class is lying down, so no one will be able to see you. Everyone is at their own level and progress at their own pace, there is no judgement of anyone or where they are at.

There is also the option of online classes and the beauty of online classes means if you are feeling self-conscious you can turn your camera off. In time your confidence will grow.  

For online class bundle, you have 3 months to use the 6 class bundle. 

For in person class bundle, you have 8 weeks to use 6 class bundle.

Please go to our Fitness Gear page for our recommendations. 

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