Let’s have fun

For Christmas my boyfriend got me a PS4. I haven’t played a games console in so long and at the end of last year I was really craving to play a computer game. I missed playing games and chilling out with it.

Over the last year, I’ve been planning more time for fun, which has been difficult. Difficult scheduling time and being able to take time off to chill without feeling guilty, without feeling I should be working or I shouldn’t be spending money.

Having fun is so important. It allows you to relax and de-stress, take time out from work or take time out from the daily to do list or should do list.

It allows you to be in the moment and just enjoy yourself.

Have fun, laugh, smile, shout (I do shout at the PS4), whatever it is.

It lets you take your mind off things, which in turn helps you work harder or focus more on those chores or give more attention to your family or sleep better.

I’d love to know what you do for fun. How do you relax? What do you do to laugh and smile? Let me know.

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