Ceza Ouzounian

"Ceza Ouzounian is an award winning Relationship Coach, Fitness Instructor and international best selling Author. She helps women shift their resistances, align to what they desire and feel empowered and confident to take actions and create the life they want. Ceza has won the Scotland Prestige Award and Brainz CREA Global Award. She has appeared in Migrant Woman Magazine and Sabi Phagura’s fitness blog, and on podcasts Bulletproofing Birds and Unchain Your Inner Strength. Ceza’s international best selling book, Unchain Your Authentic Soul, co-authored with 11 other women shares the experiences and ups and downs in life that got them to where they are. The book launched in 2020 is to inspire other women to rise up and share their powerful message with the world. Ceza brings wisdom and an ability to see through people’s barriers to get to the underlying issues. She brings warmth, understanding and humour together to create a nurturing and encouraging environment. Whether teaching a fitness class or coaching a client through a relationship problem, she firmly guides them and keeps them on track. Having herself been through a toxic relationship, she has an understanding of what her clients have experienced and she brings this experience to any session. When Ceza isn’t working with a client, she can be found hanging upside down on an aerial hoop or shovelling manure around her allotment. Her new found love of baking has resulted in experimenting with different cakes and desserts ideas, which she happily feeds to family and friends."

Man and woman sitting at the table on a date. Both looking in opposite directions, clearly bored.

Breaking the Chains: How Limiting Beliefs Impact Dating and How to Overcome Them

Dating is often seen as a journey of self-discovery and connection, but for many, it becomes a battleground of limiting beliefs that hinder personal growth and the potential for meaningful relationships. These beliefs, formed by past experiences, societal pressures, or negative self-perception, can cast a shadow on the dating experience. In this blog, we’ll explore […]

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Man frustrated and annoyed at wife. Woman crying.

The Fear Factor: Navigating the Impact of Fear on Dating & Relationships

Dating and relationships are exhilarating journeys filled with the promise of connection, companionship, and love. However, these journeys are not immune to the powerful influence of fear. Fear, in its various forms (and it shows up in all sorts of ways), can weave its way into the fabric of relationships, impacting both individuals and the

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Woman checking her man's phone over his shoulder as she doesn't trust him due to insecurities.

Unravelling Insecurity: 10 Common Relationship Triggers

Relationships are complex journeys that often trigger a myriad of emotions, and one of the most challenging feelings to navigate is insecurity. While it’s natural for everyone to experience moments of doubt, understanding the specific triggers that can fuel insecurity is crucial for fostering a healthy, thriving relationship. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 common

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