Take time off stress

What are you doing to take time off the stress?

Looking for work, applying for jobs, going to interviews, waiting to hear back and repeating over and over, is stressful.

It is frustrating.
It is depressing.
It is soul destroying.

So what are you doing to take you out of that place?

What I love doing is exercise. Dancing, Pilates, anything that makes me feel stronger and takes my mind off my reality and allows me to tune into my body.

Exercise was one of the things that kept me sane when I was looking for work. ?‍♀️

I hear it from clients all the time that they were stressed, angry, feeling shit before a fitness class and afterwards they felt a million times better. They had released the anger, some of the stress, boosted all the good hormones that left them feeling lighter and happier when they leave.

I know it can be really hard to take a break from job hunting. You feel if you take a break, you’ll fall behind with the applications and miss the perfect job that will hire you.

But believe me, taking a break is absolutely vital to your health and it will mean when you do apply for jobs or go to interviews, you are in a completely different mindset.

Contact me if you find exercising helps you relax.

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