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😍 I’m so excited to officially be launching Warrior In Training Pilates Online. This is something I really wanted to do to bring Pilates to you at any time. 🀩🀩

Being in class is brilliant, but…
πŸŒͺ Sometimes the timings don’t work out.
πŸŒͺ Or you find you can only attend one class in person and want more Pilates in your life (who doesn’t, right?).
πŸŒͺ Or you are travelling around and want to take your exercise class with you (feel free to take me along on your travels 😜)
πŸŒͺ Or you have young children and getting to a class is just not possible.
πŸŒͺ Or you want to do Pilates at home.

So, what do you get from Warrior In Training Pilates Online?
β˜„ 2 x 30 minute Pilates videos a week.
β˜„ Varied classes, including Pilates with no equipment, Pilates with weights, small ball, coffee table, chair, etc.
β˜„ Classes focused on one body area and classes focused on the whole body.
β˜„ Pilates when you want. Access videos any time of the day from anywhere.
β˜„ A dedicated Facebook Group, where you will have access to ALL videos.
β˜„ Access to me through the group, so ask any questions, get support and motivation from me and the group. This is great if you need modifications or have injuries and are unsure of how to proceed.
β˜„ Monthly Q&A sessions with me, so you can ask any questions you have.

You get all this for only Β£20 a month, which is nothing considering there are already more than 100 sessions uploaded for you to get on with right now!

AND anyone who joins this month gets a free 30 minute call with me to get clear on your fitness goals and how to make sure you achieve them.

No excuses not to get your body moving.

For more info, go to Warrior In Training Pilates Online or get in contact.

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