How I know this will make a difference to you...

From my own experience of a difficult relationship and working with my clients on this, I know there is so much we can work on to change the dynamic of the relationship and change how you feel about it. 

I discovered EAM at a time when I was in a relationship that wasn’t working. I was desperate to fix it. I had wanted to end it several times during the 14 months we had been together, but something always came up to stop me.  

I didn’t start the EAM journey specifically for this reason, I started it because it felt like the right move, my intuition, that gut instinct, was so strong that this was what I had to do next, that I had no choice but to follow what my body was saying.  

I remember at the time I felt fragile, unsure and like something was missing. But I was never really consciously aware of this. On some level I knew, but not fully aware or accepting of it.  

EAM enabled me to work on the relationship and on myself. So many AHA moments came up. So many things that I was able to realise and let go of. Some of these things I knew I was holding on to, some of them I had forgotten about, or didn’t realise were affecting me so much.  


It wasn’t until I ended that relationship that I realised what was going on for me. I stayed in a relationship for 2.5 years with a guy I knew wasn’t right for me. I knew this from our first date, yet I still dated him.  

I realised there was a massive part of me that needed working on. The part of me that had chipped away at my confidence and self-esteem.  

The years and years of rejection from engineering companies that I had applied to work for. Every rejection pushing me deeper into self-doubt and despair. Until one day I had a thought of falling from the fourth floor and not having to feel how I felt.  

I had bottled up these feelings for 6 years. I hadn’t really told anyone. I had buried it deep and tried to forget about it. But it needed dealing with. I needed to let it go. Release it from my body.  

With EAM I was able to do all this. I was able to notice what was coming up for me. I was able to release these emotions. The session I did specifically for this (I needed another mentor to work with me on this because I really didn’t want to face it) was amazing. I can’t even tell you how much lifted as a result of the session. It was just a big release.  

It took a few more months of working on this topic and I had done so much work leading up to that session, that finally I started to feel myself again, and truly be happy.  

EAM allowed me to understand how I had allowed myself to go out with someone like my ex, and to understand why he had come into my life and how he had helped me grow as a person. It allowed me to let go of the anger, disappointment, sadness, unfairness, shame I felt from being in that relationship, which was incredibly important for me to move on.  

Ceza with her husband, Russell

7 months after breaking up with him, I manifested the most amazing man into my life. I had a list of what qualities I wanted in a man and a relationship. There were 56 qualities I was looking for. He satisfies 54 of those. I kind of wish I hadn’t put sporty on my list of qualities as he is the first guy I have been with who is into sports, watching and playing, and I am not interested in it. But you know what? I don’t mind it, because he has all the non-negotiable qualities I was looking for.  

So, if you are ready to see how I can work with you to identify what isn’t working in your relationship, how it is making you feel and what you’d like changed. It will also allow you to be clearer on what you want in your relationship and what changes need to happen for you to be happy in your relationship. 

You don’t need to stay struggling and hoping something will change. Book a FREE 15 minute chat with me. We will discuss what is happening with you on video call, how I work with my clients and let’s see what we can do to change your relationship.