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Reach your relationship goals and have the most amazing, loving and supportive relationship. 

Relationship Coaching

Relationships affect our whole life. As humans we are social creatures who crave relationships. They add value, purpose and love into your lives. Good or bad, they affect every area of our lives; work, health, wealth, fun, environment, etc.

That is why it is so important to work on relationships that aren’t bringing us joy. Or on the flip side, if you are lacking those vital relationships, then we want to explore why, to turn this round.

There are several ways for us to work together, so you have those amazing, passionate, loving relationships you desire. 

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Better communication

Improve communication and listening skills. Say what you really want to without fear.

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Improve your relationship

Improve a struggling relationship or have the strength to choose to walk away.


Know your desires

Be honest and clear about what kind of relationship you want and what is important to you.

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Be confident

Be more confident by addressing negative beliefs and patterns and improve your mood.

How you can work with me:

The Warrior Love Programme is the crucial piece for you to elevate your relationship.

You are dreaming of that ideal relationship. 

We have the tools to make it happen. 

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Whether you are in a struggling relationship or single and wanting love, 1:1 bespoke coaching sessions will work wonders.

Ceza works with you to identify what your needs and relationship goals are and what isn’t working in your love life. We not only look at your love life but also at you. We attract what is in our energy, in our subconscious, in our beliefs and patterns. To change the outcome, we must start by looking at you. 

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Love Unlocked

Love Unlocked is a comprehensive 4-week programme crafted to meet the needs of both singles and couples, offering a transformative journey to break free from relationship struggles and foster lasting love.

For singles, it provides valuable insights and practical tools to navigate the complexities of dating, promoting self-discovery and empowerment in the pursuit of meaningful connections.

For couples, the course delves into the dynamics of relationships, guiding participants in overcoming challenges, establishing healthy boundaries, and rekindling the flame of lasting love.

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5 Days Relationship You Love Experience

This is a 5 day experience that reveals how successful women can start to fix their struggling relationship by letting go of the anger and sadness and taking aligned steps to have the relationship they desire. Only £7.

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Are you ready for that relationship you dream of?
Instead of day dreaming about the relationship, let’s look at what you can do to make it a reality.

This Masterclass is a fantastic place to start that journey of exploring how to get to where you want to be. 

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Here you will find all the upcoming workshops. 

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The Energy Alignment Method, or EAM, is a simple 5 step technique that allows you to tune into your energy and subconscious and get clarity on the underlying issues and to identify what is holding you back. EAM is a great tool to let go of stress, overwhelm, indecision, fears, limiting beliefs and patterns.  

Once you’ve let go of those negative beliefs and patterns, you align to what it is you want. Creating new neural pathways that allows you to create more positive habits and behaviours to get you closer to your goals. 

EAM bridges Eastern & Western Principles, incorporating eastern spiritual principles, universal laws, therapeutic methods and energy work. The method is based on modern research into quantum physics, neuroscience and neurocardiology. 

EAM was created by Yvette Taylor, who has personally trained Ceza and she is one of 16 Founding EAM Mentors Worldwide.   
One of the reasons we love EAM is because it is so effect and quick to shift your energy and get you into a state of flow.  

What does flow mean? That is when you can create changes on physiological, psychological and energetic level, to be able to manifest what you desire.  

A coach will be there to support and guide you through this process. It is someone to talk to openly and honestly, with no judgement. She will be able to pick up on things you won’t. When we are in the middle of our situation it can be hard to see beyond. A coach is looking from the outside in and will be able to ask the right questions for you to explore areas you haven’t previously thought of or may not want to explore. A coach is unbias and is there to facilitate the process to clarity, healing and progress.   

At Warrior In Training, we use EAM because it is so powerful, yet so simple. It allows you to delve into the subconscious and your energy to find the roots of limiting beliefs, patterns, emotions, thoughts, etc, without having to relive the event.

It gives you the chance to work through more traumatic experiences without having to relive them. It also brings attention to events that seem insignificant but are having an impact. It allows you to really clear those negatives and re-align to positive outcomes. It makes you more aware of your intuition and your own guidance. It is such a life-changing tool. Once you get the hang of it, you can use it any time for the rest of your life. 

Of course you can. However, working with a coach will have significantly greater and faster results. There is only so much you can do alone without getting sucked into the situation that you are experiencing. A coach is not emotionally involved and can be there to support what you are going through. A coach can see things you may not as we all have our own blind spots. Having someone to guide you to be able to see things from another perspective is incredibly valuable. 

If now isn’t the time to work with Ceza, there are free and lower priced products that give you a starting place. 

At the moment, I work with individuals. This is because there will be things that come up that you may not wish to share with your partner at that moment, but also may have nothing to do with your partner (but is causing problems in the relationship). We want you to be able to be completely honest about what you are experiencing and that isn’t always easy when your partner is present.