Review from Fitness Blogger Sabi Phagura

This week instead of telling you how great Burlexercise is, I’m going to divert your attention to Sabi Phagura’s review of the class. She is a fitness blogger and travels all around the world to try exercise classes and write reviews. Click on the link below to read the review.

In her review she mentioned she left Burlexercise feeling confident and sexy. This is how I would like every woman to leave my class. Feeling good in their own body, feeling sexy, feeling strong and feeling confident. Too often we are told how to look and made to feel bad if we don’t match that description. This is the class to forget what we are told and to know we look good when we are confident and comfortable with our bodies. And if we still want to change something about our bodies, then we know we have the ability to do that!

But don’t just take mine or Sabi’s word that you’ll leave feeling amazing, join us for a class! More information here.

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