Are you a failure?

What are you doing wrong?

Why do you keep failing at getting the job you want? 

I’ve been there. When you keep applying for that job you so desperately want. You know you are good enough for it. You spend all your time searching, applying and waiting and searching, applying and waiting. 

Then if you do hear back and get an interview, you smash that interview, leaving confident you got the job, only to get a call telling you ‘you weren’t good enough’

Next interview comes along, and yes, you smashed this one, definitely got this job. But wait, you weren’t good enough. 

Each application, interview, rejection is a vicious cycle. That desperation of “why aren’t they picking me?!” 

Each time you go, you feel more and more desperate. You are fighting with yourself. You know you are good enough but at the same time your track record is saying otherwise. Are you good enough? Are you deluded?

At any point, have you stopped and questioned why you keep failing? 

What is it you are putting out energetically? What vibe are you giving? 

Do you even want to be there? I’ll talk more about this tomorrow. 

How we feel, what we believe and what we really deep down want all affect how we come across to the other person, whether that is an interviewer or potential employer. 

Eventually they are going to pick up that desperate energy. It isn’t an attractive energy. I’m sure you’ve spoken to someone who has tried to sell you something from a place of desperation, what does that do? It makes you want to get away from them. 

This might all be occurring subconsciously, you may not even be aware of what you are telling the other person. And they may not even consciously pick it up, but their subconscious is and it is saying to not choose you. 

So, here are 2 tips to look at how you are coming across to the other person.

No. 1: Emotions: Are you filled with negative emotions, like desperation, frustration, anger, fear, powerlessness? 

Before the interview, feel into positive emotions, this could be positives about you, about the interview, about the company, or remembering a time when you feel confident and amazing. For me, this is driving. I love it and I’m probably over-confident about it. If I embrace that, how I feel changes and how the other person sees me changes. 

No. 2: Thoughts: What are you telling yourself? If you keep telling yourself you are not good enough and they won’t pick you anyway, that will affect how you answer questions in the interview, how your body language comes across, how you perform overall. 

Remember all the skills you possess. What are your strengths? And I know we all hate the strength and weakness question but you know your strengths and they don’t have to be in that particular job, what are you amazing at? Go through a list of things you know you do better than most people. Feel into that confidence and knowing that you have amazing strengths, so that the confident you is present in the interview.

These are really simple ways to tune into a better place before you go for an interview. 

Tomorrow I am going to tell you how I got out of this vicious, soul-destroying cycle.

Remember to be awesome. 

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