Warrior Love 1:1 Package- Have a relationship you love

Reach your relationship goals and have the most amazing, loving and supportive relationship. 

Warrior Love Programme

If you are in the a relationship that isn’t lighting you up, then you are in the right place.

If you are single and want a relationship but you are attracting a partner that isn’t right for you, then you are in the right place.

Ceza works with you to identify what your needs and relationship goals are and what isn’t working in your relationship / love life. We not only look at the relationship but also at you. We attract what is in our energy, in our subconscious, in our beliefs and patterns. To change the outcome, we must start by looking at you.

Ceza’s approach is unique because of her training and experience, both working with clients but also her experience of being in a struggling relationship. The sessions are non-judgemental, what comes up comes up, and we focus on being proactive and goal orientated. This means you will take steps closer to your relationship goal.

“From my own experience of a difficult relationship and working with my clients on this, I know there is so much we can work on to change the dynamic of the relationship and change how you feel about it. Read my story here…

You are experiencing the following problems:

  • Want to fix a struggling relationship. 
  • You want a relationship but keep attracting the wrong person.
  • Want to walk away from a relationship not working. 
  • You feel unappreciated, unsupported and unloved in your relationship. 
  • Are never able to attract the kind of relationship you want. 
  • Want to improve your communication skills to be heard. 
  • Are stressed and depressed.
  • Have lost the intimacy in your relationship – emotional, physical and sexual. 
  • Are arguing lots.

You are ready to: 

  • Fix your relationship.
  • Attract the right relationship to you.
  • Clarify your relationship goals and how to work towards them. 
  • Improve communication and listening skills.
  • Learn and accept the difference between you and your partner.
  • Have more intimacy – emotional, physical, sexual. 
  • Improve your mood and feel happier more consistently. 
  • Break old patterns and habits keeping you from your relationship goals.
  • Look within to create a relationship you love. 
  • Release the limiting beliefs, emotions and past experiences.
  • Embrace you fully and bring the real you to any relationship.
  • Be more confident.
  • Be proactive to change your current situation. 
  • Improve a struggling relationship or have the courage to walk away.

Arrange a free 15 minutes consultation.

The programme consists of:

⦿ 3 months of one-to-one coaching sessions (6 x 90 minutes).
⦿ Fortnightly session – you want results, so we stay focused and in the momentum with regular sessions.
⦿ Access to me during those 3 months. I’ll be there when you need the extra support or find a struggle has come up and you are unsure how to proceed. 
⦿ Learning how to use EAM  a tool that you will be able to keep using for the rest of your life
⦿ Have a much deeper understanding and awareness about yourself and your relationship
⦿ Fix your relationship.
⦿ BONUS – working on your energy and subconscious is great but when you add the body with movement, the results are even better. That is why you will have access to my online Pilates membership for free. 

All this for ONLY £1500. 

Ceza has 2 x 1:1 client spaces, so please arrange a free 15 minutes consultation, to see if this is the right fit for you.