Are you an overthinker?

When you are stressed, it is easy to start over thinking. To over analysis every detail, to go through all the scenarios, to replay past events, to go from one topic to another.

This is exhausting and adds to the stress.
It stops you sleeping well.
It encourages you to reach out for food that isn’t the best for you.
It affects your moods.
It affects your overall mental and physical health.

Exercise is one of the ways you can stop for a moment, stop thinking about everything stressing you out and focus on your body.

It gives you that opportunity to get out your head, to breathe properly (because we breathe much more shallow when stressed), to focus our attention on what our body is doing and how it is moving, to reconnect with our intuition and to hear what our body is saying.

From my clients, and from my own experience, exercise has been one of the things that has kept them sane in times of stress.

And you know what, when you take that time out from over thinking, you get a bunch of answers you were after. (I’m a big overthinker and I always get intuitive hits or answers when I’m not in my head).

That is why everyone on my mentoring course has access to my online Pilates membership videos, because Pilates is a great way to disconnect from over thinking and focus fully on your body.

How do you disconnect from overthinking?

Email me and let me know.

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