Can’t sleep?

How often have you gone to bed and to find you are awake all night?

Your brain is unable to switch off and you are thinking non-stop, every time you try to stop thinking another topic pops into your head; work stuff, home stuff, stuff you’ve seen on the TV, stuff that you spoke about with someone else, random stuff that you have no idea how it got into your head.

It just doesn’t stop.

I’ve had that all week. Not sure why as I’ve not been feeling stressed or worried about anything. I’ve had productive days, not had too much caffeine and not eaten too close to bedtime and I’m tired when I go to sleep. But my brain has been working over time!

There are many things you can do to help quieten the mind and go to sleep.

The one I’ve found most usual this week has been to focus on my breathing.

So, I’ll tune into my breathing and really feel and listen to it inhaling and exhaling. I had to come back to it several times as my mind tried to take me off on some random thought.

It really worked. It really helped slow down the body and mind, so I had enough time to fall asleep. Then I just had weird dreams!

Next time you feel your mind on overdrive when you are trying to sleep, stop and tune in to your breath. ? xx

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