It was time to end my life!

?It was time to end my life!

I was unhappy.
I was constricted.
I was unfulfilled.
I was living someone else’s life.
I didn’t even recognise myself anymore.

?With Christmas music all around me, I started over the bannisters 4 floors up in Zara in the middle of Madrid.

I visualised myself climbing over.
I stared at the floor below.
I felt the relief of leaving it all behind … the disappointment, the hard work, the longing, the emptiness … the whole thing would be over and I would finally be at peace.

At that moment, that one single moment, something snapped in my head.

I jumped.

I took the ultimate leap to change my life and empower myself.

??Within 2 months I went from living in Spain and hating life to doing what I love AND facing my parents!

I am going to share all of this AND how you get to Break the shackles, trust yourself and create a life you love without the journey I went through as your motivation!

?Drop me a message if you are ready for the REAL magic wand!?

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