Power of Nature

In December, I had my EAM event, last one with my group of mentees. ☹ They asked me to pick a bracelet as a gift and I was very drawn to one in particular. Turns out it is Malachite.

Looking up the meaning of the crystal Malachite and I realise it fits perfectly with my life at the moment.

It is a crystal of transformation, manifestation, wealth, money and new beginnings. The last year has been all about transformation and manifestation for me. A lot of growth has occurred, business wise and in my personal life.

It is also about connecting with nature and reminding ourselves of the healing power of nature.

Today as I get a really early (for me) train to Edinburgh for a business training boot camp, I see this beautiful sunrise, full of pinks, purples and oranges. I notice that apart from one other person, everyone else is distracted by their phones and don’t even notice the beauty outside the train.

I’m a city girl through and through but I know the importance of getting out in nature and taking a moment to stop and notice mother nature’s beauty.

Next time you are feeling a bit ugh, stop and notice the beauty in the world around you!

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