What is your body pain telling you?

What is your body pain telling you?

I find we are very disconnected from our bodies these days. We have lost touch with the fact that what is going on in your head affects your body.

I hurt my back in 2010 doing capoeira. Since then the pain comes and goes. Yes, sometimes it is to do with tight muscles and needing to stretch more.

But the times it has been at its worse, has always been during high stress periods in my life, quite often it has also been when the stress was related to money.

When I moved up to Scotland, I hurt my back worse than ever before. What did I do? Taught a hard Pilates class (a class I’m more than fit enough to teach!) The class was the straw that broke the camel’s back, or in this case, my back.

A combination of my move up being delayed, travelling up and down between London and Glasgow, carrying all my stuff (a lot of stuff) up 3 flights of stairs, sleeping on a rubbish mattress, massively stressing about the lack of money, looking for work and trying to set up my own classes, all while I had a boyfriend who wasn’t supportive took its toll.

I left that particular Pilates class with my right hip much higher than my left and my spine diagonally over to the right.

The next day I carefully fell out of bed, crawled over to the window sill, realised it was going to be incredibly painful to stand up and burst into tears.

I slept on the floor for the next 2 weeks. Yes, I did gentle Pilates, stretching and saw the physio to loosen the muscles.

I also did a lot of EAM to work on the financial stress, feeling unsupported, stress about finding work and releasing the pain.

This helped massively and allowed me to recover in 2 weeks. It also got me thinking about what needed to change and what steps to take.

If you are experiencing pain in your body and can’t figure out why it isn’t going, then let’s get on a call and see what is really going on behind the pain.

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