What I do isn’t a luxury, it is essential.

Ceza with her boyfriend

I was talking to my boyfriend as we are driving and he said what I do for work is seen as a luxury.

This is something I completely disagree with. What I do is an essential to health and wellbeing. And this is a mentality I want to change.

Attending a fitness class (pilates and Burlexercise that I teach) is an essential part of health. Moving the body, breathing properly, boosting good hormones, releasing stress all contribute to good physical and mental health.

Attending coaching sessions (the EAM mentoring sessions I do) is an essential part of health. It looks at what is going on in the mind that is stopping you fulfil your life goals (in whatever area of your life), it teaches you how to deal with negative aspects of life, negative emotions, negative outcomes, negatives happenings, stress. It teaches you to take responsibility. And it teaches you how to move forward in life with positivity.

Shit happens in life. It will always happen. Knowing how to get through it is vital to a good life. Having awareness of your body and mind is key to a good life.

The changes I see in people in fitness classes and in coaching sessions is massive and it comes from them working with their body and mind and allowing themselves to do that.

So, what I do is not a luxury.

It is essential.

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