Happy National Fitness Day!

Happy National Fitness Day!

Everyone needs fitness in their life.

Yes, I’m biased because I’m a Fitness Instructor but having some sort of fitness in your life is so so important.

There are so many benefits to exercise and movement.

I remember in 2011 when things in my life weren’t how I wanted it to be and I was feeling really rubbish and low. I felt lost and trapped in my life. Nothing was how I had expected or planned it to be.

Attending fitness classes and going to the gym were the things that kept me going. It helped me feel better, it allowed me to let go of the stress I was feeling, it boosted my energy and allowed me to keep going with every day things I needed to do, as well as helping me look after my body and stay fit.

I honestly think I would have been in a much worse place mentally if I hadn’t had that exercise in my life.

And I see this in my clients all the time. They leave class happier and smiling, with more energy.

Over time they become more confident in themselves. And I’ve had several clients tell me that exercise has been there for them during really difficult times in their life.

It helps you let go of what is worrying you and draining you. It is almost like a breath of fresh air.

Spending time each week focusing on your body and movement is so powerful to help boost the good hormones, and help you feel better, to destress and boost your energy levels. It helps not only physically but mentally too.

It gives you that time to be out of your head, which clears the mind and helps with focus and decision making.

Fitness is not just about losing weight or being a particular shape, it is about complete wellbeing (along with good sleep and good food).

And that is why I think everyone needs fitness in their life.

Remember that fitness means different things to people, so find something that you enjoy. Just make sure to get moving each week, schedule it in your diary and actually do it. You will feel the benefits.

Or you can come along to one of my online Pilates or Burlexercise classes and see for yourself how good you’ll feel after a class.

When booking via Gymcatch, use discount code NationalFitness2021 to get 50% off. Discount code only valid on 22nd & 23rd September 2021.

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2 years ago

Every day Pilates got me through 2020. I agree everyone needs fitness for a better life

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