Pilates Online #393

Pilates Flow Cardio

Let’s get the heart pumping with this all over cardio and flow workout. 

Put some good music on and enjoy it. We are moving between exercises quicker but if you need a break, take a break, or if you need to slow it down, slow it down. 

#flow #cardio #wholebody #glutes #abs #core #legs #upperbody

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Laura Edwards
Laura Edwards
10 months ago

Tough! But loved it!

Cherlene Brand
Cherlene Brand
9 months ago

Ceza, that was really good. I felt the muscles activating too 🙂
On a different note, do you know of any good foot stretches? The front of my feet/arches get really sore and weak when I do quite a bit of running or skipping. I have tried a few different stretches but thought you might know of some that I can incorporate into my warm ups for pilates. I have a high arch so I don’t think that helps.

Cherlene Brand
Cherlene Brand
9 months ago
Reply to  Ceza Ouzounian

Thanks for coming back to me. I’ve not been on in a couple of weeks, are there any videos I should tune into in particular?

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