Living on autopilot

Our brain is constantly processing and filing information, building pathways which combine emotions, actions, and memories.

Most of this is done subconsciously and it creates a feedback loop. So when something happens in the real world, whatever it is, big or small, our brain will react according to a pattern we’ve set over time. As we age, these patterns become more ingrained.

In this way, we then live our lives on autopilot. Something happens, we feel emotions and react without thinking about it. We accept it as it is, we don’t question it.

This autopilot life is easier for the brain as it uses less energy and change is often perceived as a threat so the brain avoids it.

But what about when those patterns are causing us to live life in a way that doesn’t fulfil us? Or makes us miserable?

How do you start changing those patterns to change what is happening in your life? How do you change when your brain perceives change as a threat?

I know the way to change the brain, the patterns that no longer serve us, without massive disruption to your life. Without having a breakdown over it.

Message me for how because I have something really awesome for you. ?

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