Magic wand

?️‍♀️I searched for a long time for a magic wand.

It was a special wand … you may have seen the magic that demi-gods in Percy Jackson or the wizards and witches in Harry Potter create, but this is even more potent. Even more magical.

?It was the elusive wand that took me years to find … the one that promised untold independence.

The kind where I can do anything I want … anything at all without worrying about what other people thought I should be doing.

This for me meant creating a life I love.

I wasn’t searching for happiness, fulfilment, joy, wealth or even a treasure trove of riches.

My quest was different. I wanted life on my terms, a life I loved.

The kicker is really in the detail of the wand. I believed that the magic wand I was searching for was the job of my dreams.

A dream job in engineering actually. Because that would show them all.

Show them that I can do whatever I put my mind to.
Show them that I can be independent and maybe even win at adulting.

??Wanna know what really happened?

Drop me an email and I will fill you in on the next part of what is a story of coming of age and everlasting happiness.

?Only joking – it’s not Disney! But if any of this resonates you will definitely want the second instalment!

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