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5 Steps To Attract Your Dream Mate

I am so excited to announce my first article for Brainz Magazine. Here is a snippet. Read the rest on the Brainz Magazine website.

The last year has been hard to date and meet new people, and we aren’t back to normal just yet. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put the inner work in so that when you are out and about again, it’ll be easier to attract your dream mate.

You may have noticed that you keep attracting the same kind of partner and end up in similar relationships, and neither is right for you. You know something different needs to happen to break this pattern and attract that person you dream of and be truly happy in your relationship.

So what can you do to attract that dream mate and have that dream relationship you desire?

These are 5 steps you can implement now to start creating a change and attract your dream mate.

Step 1: Let go of your past relationships and exes.

You may be thinking you have let go of your past relationships and partners. But have you really?

It might be that past exes pop up in your head and remind you of that time they did something to annoy you.

You may have unanswered questions….

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