How a Relationship Coach helps you find love!

You may have wondered how a Relationship Coach can help you find that partner you are looking for and have the relationship which has everything you want.

Coaching will mean:

  • You feel confident and have a strong sense of self-value and self-worth.
  • You will have standards and boundaries that bring value to your relationship.
  • You will have awareness when triggers come up that could sabotage your relationship.
  • You will be energetically calling in the partner and relationship that matches what you desire.

One of my clients worked with me, and met her boyfriend at an event where they both felt magnetised to each other. It was not in the way she expected to meet him but everything that we worked on led up to that moment.

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

So how did working with me help?

During the sessions, we uncovered how she felt about herself deep down. And this is a big one for a lot of people. Do you feel confident? Do you fully accept and love yourself? Do you feel good enough or deserving enough to have the relationship you want?

We also uncovered some of the negative beliefs and fears she was holding on to. Beliefs like “I need to lose weight before I can find the right person”, “all the good guys are taken”, and fears like fear of rejection, and fear of getting hurt.

These are just some of the things we worked on. The reason we look at these resistances is because they affect:

  • Who you attract as a partner, e.g. if you fear rejection, you may attract someone who rejects you in some way.
  • How you turn up in a relationship, e.g. if you feel you don’t deserve love, you may push away someone who truly loves you because deep down you can’t accept it.
  • How your relationship progresses, e.g. if you have past experiences of being cheated on, you may be super suspicious of your partner for no reason.

These resistances will be in your subconscious affecting everything. When you work on them, it changes your energy, so you start attracting the right people into your world. You have higher standards and boundaries and are aware of your resistances, which means you choose if you let it affect you or not.

And working together means I’ll see things you don’t see (we all have blindspots), which means you’ll clear more and get to your desired relationship sooner!

It is time for you to have the relationship you desire. The Warrior Love Programme will be starting up again soon and is the perfect way for you to work on your resistances.

P.S. Check out more about the Warrior Love Programme here.

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