You have the power to change your love life

If you aren’t happy with where your love life is, only you can change that.

Sometimes when we are going through something really difficult it can feel like nothing will change or we blame others for our situation. 

But I’m here to tell you, you can change your situation and only you can change it.

And this may not be what you want to hear. It is easier to blame someone else or something else for our misfortune, rather than face ourselves, face the situation and create change. But this is hugely powerful and amazing because it means you have the choice.

Yesterday I recorded a podcast with Kristeen Pollock  and we were talking about relationships and how ultimately everything comes down to you: how you feel about yourself, your confidence, your self-worth, your resilience. The main message was your inner being affects everything on the outside.

Photo by Kyle Broad on Unsplash

If you aren’t happy with your relationship or being single or with past relationships, it is time to look at what is going on internally, what are those internal dialogues and patterns that are affecting your relationship?

When you start listening to the thoughts you are having, the beliefs you hold, and looking at your behaviour in different situations, a lot can be revealed.

You can meet the most amazing person and know they are the one for you, who adores you and loves you completely, but those resistances you have festering away internally can stop that relationship progressing or stop you being happy or push that person away.

Or maybe you keep attracting the wrong kind of person who isn’t nice to you and doesn’t treat you well, and you end up going from one toxic relationship to another.

You can change the outcomes of both these situations by doing the inner work.

When you are ready to face yourself and make the changes you want, I am here to help you (and believe me it is so much easier to face your situation and your inner self when you have the support of a coach).

If you are ready to get booked in and start the inner work, the Love Booster Session is a great place to start. It’s time for you to have that relationship you desire.

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