Are subconscious patterns keeping you stuck?

Last week in my Facebook group, Elevate Your Love Life, I spoke about repeating negative subconscious patterns that keep us stuck. 

We all have patterns we repeat, some we are aware of and some we are not.

This repeating is often a pattern we have created at some point in our life and it repeats on auto-pilot, linked to a particular trigger. 

For example, you get into a good relationship but always get suspicious of your partner, how much they love you and how faithful they are, to the point that this causes the relationship to breakdown and with you splitting up.

Blurry image of woman looking out through bars. She feels trapped. Her subconscious negative patterns keeping her stuck.
Photo by Victoria Rose of Flaunt and Flourish

Trigger ===> Thought ===> Emotion ===> Action

This is a negative pattern playing out. There is a resistance there that is getting trigger. When that happens, a thought is released, then an emotion and that then affects how you behave. 

For this example, you get into a relationship, your partner does something (a completely innocent action) but you get triggered. This then leads to negative thoughts of doubting his loyalty to you. Which then makes you feel angry, suspicious, rejected. And this leads to you fighting with your partner and pushing them away emotionally. Which leads to the breakdown of the relationship.

Breaking these patterns is completely possible but first you must know to look for them. Looking back over your relationships can help bring these patterns to your awareness.

When you look inwards at these patterns that are playing out it means you can start noticing when they get triggered and stop them from repeating. This gives you the chance to break this pattern and create new patterns that are helpful to you and your relationship, that allow you to be happy.

On the Warrior Love Programme, it is these kinds of patterns we look out for. What are we playing out and repeating? How is it affecting what we desire? What resistances are responsible? What steps are needed to break that pattern and create new, aligned patterns?

Where are you repeating negative patterns in your love life? Have a look back over your relationships, how do they show up for you? What happens as a result of them?

When you are ready to work on these patterns so they no longer affect your love life negatively, drop me a message and let’s see how best to move you forwards.

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