10 Creative Date Ideas

Let’s talk date ideas. I’m doing to give you 10 creative date ideas that you can use when you go on a date. Check out the video or read it below.

I thought it’d be quite nice to do a video on some ideas for dates. Personally, for a first date, I would probably go for a coffee or for a drink in a bar because it’s short and if I don’t really get on with the person or there isn’t chemistry, I don’t really want to be spending loads of time with them. A drink or a coffee is quick and you can make excuses and leave. My husband and I went for a coffee on our first date. Our second date was a bowling date. I did not win and I am not a good loser. He didn’t think there would be a third date. Anyway, there was and then we got married, so it’s all good.

Number one – a dance lesson.

This can be whatever dancing style you’re into. Something for you to do together. Have a bit of fun, it’s physical as it gets the body moving. It’s a great way to connect without having to force conversation, especially if you find it tricky to make conversation, especially with someone you don’t know that well. You can just move the body to good music, you can check out their dancing skills, you can show off your dancing skills, and it’s a little bit of fun.

Number two – a museum crawl.

Instead of a traditional pub crawl, you could do a museum crawl. Find museums that include things that you love. So let’s say you are into art and you love art museums, you can pick out a whole bunch of museums and then just go from one to the other and have fun looking at art. It can make this a full day thing, as in you spend a lot more time together. You can talk about the art that you’re seeing. It gives you something to talk about which is good, again, if you find it tricky to make conversation. That is a really good way to have something to talk about and share your interests.

Number three – a pottery class.

This again is a fun way to get creative, to make something, to have fun together. If you’ve never done pottery before, it might be quite a fun thing to see what happens and what you create. A great way to have a natural conversation without feeling force. You’re doing something. You are focusing on each other but your focus is on the pottery and it’s just a great way to connect and have some fun.

Number four – mini golf.

I’m terrible at mini golf but it can be a really great way just to have some fun, have a laugh. If you are terrible like I am, then you can have a laugh because it’s taking you 20 goes to get the ball in. If you’re great at mini golf, you can show off your mini golfing skills. Again, it’s fun, you’re moving around, you’re having a bit of a laugh.

You may get a little bit competitive and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But it also shows you ow they are in that kind of competitive environment. If they get really angry and start having a tantrum or shouting, then you may rethink whether you want to be with them. However, it is a fun way to spend time together. It is not necessarily an all day activity. There’s lots of places you can do it indoors which is amazing. So you don’t have to be outdoors, if it’s raining.

Man in a cat café with 2 cats. Photo by Camden & Hailey George on Unsplash.
Don’t forget to invite your date too! Photo by Camden & Hailey George on Unsplash

Number five – cat cafe.

If you both love cats and you want to get a coffee, why not go to a cat cafe? You can spend some time with the cats and stroking them and cuddling them and whatever the rules are in the cat cafe. I think in some places you’re not allowed to do that. But it’s a nice way to chill out together. You are with the cats, you can talk about cats. Again here you can spend a bit more time focusing on each other but you’ve got that distraction of the cats, which is great if you are finding it difficult to create conversation.

I am the same, conversation doesn’t always come easily, so doing something really helps just allow myself to relax and be able to have a natural conversation. This is a really good way. And who who doesn’t like cats?

Number six – Borrow My Doggy.

Maybe you’re not a cat person and you prefer dogs. Then borrow my doggy is for you, basically you borrow someone’s dog, you take them for a walk and then return the dog. If you both love dogs and you want to go on a walk and chat in that kind of way, this is a really great date idea. You can get in your walk around the park, you can spend some time with someone else’s dog, especially if you love dogs and you can’t have one in your house or your flat, and gives you something to talk about. You’re outdoors and it’s another fun way to spend some time together. Again, you’re a bit more focused on each other but you’ve got that distraction of a dog and it might bring up lots of things to talk about and you’re sharing your interest of dogs.

Number seven – kayaking.

Maybe you want something a little bit more physical. Why not kayaking? Or canoeing? Or something outdoors on the water? That can be a really great way to spend some time together. Have fun together and have a laugh together.

It could be things like paddleboarding as well. It doesn’t necessarily have to be kayaking, but it’s about getting outdoors and having fun doing something a bit more physical. You’re spending time together and just allowing yourself to relax and just be yourself.

A woman and her date kayaking. They are smiling and happy.
Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

Number eight – a scavenger hunt.

This is so much fun. You can order a scavenger hunt pack from different websites, you can get one for your city. It gives you loads of clues and you have to go around your city, finding the different things that you need to find. It’s a really great way just to get around your city, spend some time together and you’ve got an activity to do.

You might get a little bit competitive, why not? Have fun. You’re outside, you’re spending some time together. You’re having conversations, you’re wandering around the city. And if you love scavenger hunts, this is a great way to spend it with someone you are on a date with and working together and seeing how you work together. This can be really big clue to how the relationship might develop. If you guys really can’t work together and you’re really different, it is going to come up and you’re going to notice it. So it’s a great way to see how you work together. Will we be able to solve puzzles together? Will we be able to follow clues together? What strengths do they maybe have that you don’t? And you can combine them so that you are working together in a really, really nice way.

Number nine – a ghost tour.

Maybe you both love horror and a ghost tour is a really great way to share that passion for horror. I wish my husband was into horror so I could go on a ghost tour but he is not. This is fun and there’s loads around different cities. You can go on a bus tour. You can go on a walking ghost tour. There’s aways some around Halloween. It’s a really nice way to spend some time together doing something that you both enjoy, getting scared and exploring ghosts.

You’ve got the tour guide showing you around all the different ghosts spots. I’m sure you can get those tours which are a bit like the scavenger hunts as in you get a pack and you can walk around yourself if you want to, rather than in the group. But it’s fun and you get to explore your city and find all the haunted spots and spend some time together. You’ve got something to talk about afterwards as well and it’s a little bit different.

Number ten – axe throwing.

This is going to be my and my husband’s date night next. Again, it’s a physical thing you can do. You can go and have some fun throwing some axes, and then maybe get a drink afterwards and just chill out and talk about it. It has lots of laughs and it’s something slightly different.

What are some dates ideas you have?

Those are just 10 ideas for date nights. What ideas do you have? What date nights have you been on that have been a really fun and creative way to spend some time together, spend some time getting to know each other?

I’d love to know what kind of date ideas you’ve come up with. Drop it in the comments so I can check them out.

Why not make dates more creative than just going for dinner, not that going for dinner isn’t a good option, I do love to go for dinner, but getting a little bit more creativity with our dates is always fun.

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