My bestseller book is out!

Today is a very exciting day as my book, Invisible To Invincible, is out!

Shows book, Invisible To Invincible, and a picture of Ceza Ouzounian, Relationship & Love Coach.

I collaborated with 20 others to create this book, where we share our stories. I shared my story about my journey with my ex (details were changed to make sure he isn’t identifiable but the story is the same). 

It is important for us to share our stories when we are ready as it shows that a lot of us go through similar experiences, and even if we haven’t, it brings a different perspective to a situation, helps us understand what others are going through better. 

There are moments I look over during that experience and it makes me cringe. I think to myself “what the hell was I doing?” or “why did I let that happen?”. 

I never thought I would ever end up in a situation like this, where I let someone disrespect and dismiss me, who didn’t know how to love and support his girlfriend. I never thought I would lower my boundaries for anyone. 

Part of that is that I’m pretty trusting and see the best in people and I can honestly say I saw the potential and best in him. I’m also understanding and can see the other person’s side of things, so am willing to give chances. 

However, the fact that I allowed all this wasn’t because I’m trusting or see the potential in others, it was because my inner self wasn’t functioning at 100%. My confidence had taken a beating (which I didn’t even realise at the time), my self-esteem was dented, my strong identity in who I am was wavering. 

I allowed too many negative experiences and words get to me. Each one chipping away at my confidence and self-esteem. Too many emotions were trapped up in me festering away. 

When I started my acting training, I had to face some of those emotions, which was hard, no one wants to feel like crap, no one wants to admit they failed. Facing these and letting go of them meant I could start to heal from those moments. 

Later when I started on the Energy Alignment Method (EAM) course, I worked on more emotions, experiences and limiting beliefs I was holding on to. So many things were in my energy festering away, causing me to repeat patterns and live by these resistances that were holding me back from being my authentic self.

These resistances run on autopilot and we just don’t realise they are there causing so many issues in our lives. Once we start noticing and working on these resistances, we realise how many are there, we realise when they get triggered and we have a way to deal with them. 

It wasn’t until 2 years after I started the EAM course and had done my EAM Mentor training, that I faced the big experience that I hadn’t faced. The one that made me feel low and depressed and lost and trapped and everything that goes with that.

I finally admitted how I felt at that time. I finally faced those emotions. This was a life changing moment for me. This was when I was able to finally let go of all that and understand how I ended up with my ex and was able to change everything.

Once again, I was able to feel confident in myself. I didn’t feel the need to be someone else. I attracted a guy who was so right for me. I am able to have an amazing relationship. 

Go and check out my story and the stories of the other amazing authors in the book. Only 82p for the whole of 22nd February, so go get your copy now.

And remember, if you need any help working on your energy to improve a relationship or attract your perfect partner, drop me a message.

Woop, our book reached International Best Seller Status.

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