Crazy Armenians

Yesterday I came across this crazy Armenian. I wouldn’t personally rollerblade on the highway, but I do like 2 things about this guy.

The first thing is, I especially like how he isn’t letting his aches and pains stop him from doing something he loves.

Yes, sometimes aches and pains mean take a break, sometimes it means get your body moving!

I hurt my back in 2010 doing capoeira and it hurts on and off, especially when I’m stressed. One thing that ALWAYS helps is gently moving the body to stretch it and relax the muscles.

If you’ve ever hurt your back, you’ll know that the muscles tense up and you can be fearful of how you move, which creates more tension and more stiffening up and more pain. Getting the body moving and stretching helps relax and release tension in the muscles.

If you are unsure of what exercises could help with your back when it is feeling sore, I’d be happy to jump on zoom and show you some.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know what else I liked about this guy!

I’m now going to go and gather up my Armenians and learn how to rollerblade well! ? xx

Click here for video. 

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