How the mind-body connection affects your love life

Did you know that everything the mind experiences, the body does too? And vice versa?

Seems pretty obvious, but when I started teaching Pilates I realised how so many people live from the neck up and it’s like the rest of their body doesn’t exist.

Every emotion you experience will have an affect on the body. For example, if you are stressed, you may be holding tension in your neck, shoulders and jaw. You may have headaches and general lethargy in your muscles.

Similarly, when you are happy, your shoulders relax, your whole body relaxes, you open up the body, you smile more and your jaw relaxes.

When we experience a lot of negative emotions, it creates stress in the body. Yes, we are designed to feel stress as in the past it is what helped humans get away from danger and survive.

Pilates Online Class

However, a lot of people push these negative emotions and painful experiences deep down in their body. Over time this accumulates stress in your body, in your muscles, and will result in your body not feeling its best.

And because it is a two way road, if your body feels tired, tense and unhappy, you will feel tired, tense and unhappy, adding to the stress.

All of this affects who you attract into your world when looking for a partner, it affects how you turn up on dates, it affects how you are in a relationship.

And above all else, it affects how you feel. No one wants to feel stressed and tense in their body or mind.

When we work together in a coaching environment we are working on finding these trapped emotions and releasing them from the body.

But another way that is really powerful to let go of these emotions and stresses is through movement. This could be exercise, it could be walking, anything that gets the body moving.

This is why I have included access to my Pilates Online Membership as part of the Warrior Love Group Programme. When you combine body and mind work together the results are even better.

When you are moving the body, especially in an exercise like Pilates, you are focusing on your breath, you are focusing on your body and how you are moving, you are boosting all the good hormones. Whatever is trapped in your body will slowly make its way to the surface and you will feel less stressed. Which in turn makes the coaching and EAM side of the programme more powerful.

This combination of body and mind will get you progressing faster to your desired result.

The Warrior Love Group Programme is restarting next month, and I’d love for you to be a part of it and do the deep inner work to be magnetic to the partner and relationship you want.

If you are interested, but unsure if it is right for you, drop me a message and we can have a chat.

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