Valentine’s Day

Ceza and Rusty posing in a pic together happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day. How does today make you feel?

For lots of single people, it can make them sad realising they don’t have a partner or the relationship they want.

For those in a relationship, it might get them thinking about the things they wished were in their relationship but aren’t.

Whatever resistance may be coming up, don’t let it get you down. It is showing you what needs work. And this is a really good time to work on it.

You can journal how you are feeling and get clear on what you desire for the future.

Because so much can change in a short space of time.

Whatever you are doing today, tune into something you love, could be yourself, a partner, a pet, a child, it could be how much you love coffee! Just get in touch with that love feeling. ❤️

 ??? The more we tune into love, the more of it we attract into our world.  ???

Ceza xx

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