Are your thoughts sabotaging you?

Are your thoughts sabotaging you?

Woman sitting on rocks by the beach thinking if her thoughts are sabotaging her. Photo by Rebe Pascual on Unsplash
Photo by Rebe Pascual on Unsplash

The thoughts we have cause us to feel certain emotions and as a result behave in a certain way. 

We aren’t always aware of the thoughts going on in our head. Most repeat on autopilot. 

A particular thing will trigger that thought, emotion and action pathway. 

For instance, you want to start dating but have only had negative experiences when it comes to dating and now you have the belief that dating is a bad experience.

Now every time you think about dating, those thoughts get triggered (even if you don’t realise), they make you feel annoyed and hopeless and as a result you decide not to bother with dating. 

Or you are in a current relationship and have been cheated on in the past. Now any time your partner is out too late with friends, you get triggered and the thoughts of “he must be cheating” start playing in your head. This makes you feel upset and fearful and causes you to be cold towards him and get into arguments. 

These are how our thoughts can cause us to behave or react in a certain way which can sabotage our relationships or our dating efforts. Majority of the time we aren’t even aware these patterns are running in the background and affecting us. 

That is why when you start working on what’s going on in your subconscious and your energy, you can create such massive change. 

Doing this energy work means you can start changing those neural pathways in the brain, so you aren’t repeating these patterns on autopilot. You learn to notice them and change what you think, how you feel and what you do next. 

This means you are more open and ready to call in what you desire. 

On the Free Have A Relationship You Love Experience, we will start exploring some of your thoughts, beliefs and patterns stopping you from having the dream relationship. 

Man and woman sitting in waterfall, happy and laughing. They are in love.

If you are ready to have the dream relationship, then make sure to sign up and join us on 22nd May.

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