Why am I still single?

Are you fed up being single? Often asking yourself why you are still single?

Ready to settle down and have your dream relationship, but struggling to meet the right person?

Check out the video on some things you can do now to change where you are at in your love life, alternatively, if video isn’t your thing, read it in the blog below.

What’s going on internally?

There’s lots of things that can be going on internally, and whatever’s going on internally is going to affect your external world. These can be things like the thoughts that you’re having, the beliefs that you have, the patterns that you’re repeating, your relationship experiences, your childhood experiences, your fears and your worries. So there’s lots of things that can be going on that is affecting you from attracting the right person.

Let me give you an example. I worked with a client who had a fear of rejection. She was worried that she was going to be rejected so what she did was attract guys who only wanted casual relationships, because that way, the relationship never got serious and the rejection was never that bad. When we worked on that, and we delved deep and tapped into why there was this fear of rejection, which had to do with her childhood and we released that. Later she met someone who wanted a serious relationship and she was ready for that. There wasn’t this fear holding her back.

This is what we want to get to – what is going on beneath the surface. There are so many things we can do to find out what those inner blocks are and release them and I’ve got a free e-book that I will talk about in a bit.

Notice your thoughts and feelings

I want you to think about what thoughts you are having or how are you feeling when it comes to dating? If you’re going on a date and you feel hopeless, or you’re having a thought like there’s no good men left, then you’re already closing off your energy. You’re blocking anyone from coming into your world. That’s what we want to catch and change so you’re not going in with this negative emotion and negative thoughts because that is going to stop you from attracting the person that you want.

If for instance, you deep down don’t believe you deserve the kind of person you want (this comes up a lot), you’re not going to attract the kind of person you want. If they do come into your world, you’re either not going to notice them or you are going to think you’re not worthy of them and you’re not even going to give it a chance. You’re going to push them away. Even if they come come after you and want to be with you, so this is what we want to start identifying – what are the fears you have and what are the worries? What are your thoughts? How do you feel when you’re dating or even just thinking about relationships?

Start noticing those fears. Start noticing yourself talk. What were your past relationships like? Are you repeating patterns? Look at your childhood, did you grew up in a family where your parents split up or a lot of the people around you had parents split up, which has caused you to have this negative view about relationships.

Journal – ask questions like ‘how am I feeling about dating?’, ‘What do I think about dating?’, ‘What was my childhood like when it came to relationships?’, ‘What are my past relationships like?’, ‘What patterns am I repeating?’ All of this will start bringing some of those blocks up to the surface, which is so powerful because when they come up to the surface, that’s when you can start changing that story. You don’t need to repeat the same pattern again and again. You don’t need to keep attracting the wrong person again and again. You can break that cycle and you can attract the person that you like, and you can have the relationship you want.

First, we need to clear out all these negative energies, negative blocks and resistance out of your energy so that you can then align to what you want. Call in what you want. Call in that person that you want, and have that relationship. I know how powerful this work is. I’ve done it myself. I’ve done it with clients. And not only do you feel amazing because you’ve got rid of all this stale energy and you aligned into your confidence and into your power and into your desires. You are more likely to attract that person and have what you want, which is why you’re here on this reading this because you’re ready to have that amazing relationship. What’s going on internally?

What to do if your resistances come up on a date?

Let’s say you’re going on a date and you can feel that hopelessness coming up, catch it and decide not to feel hopeless. Decide to feel hopeful and think about all the amazing things that could happen. It’s about catching those negatives and changing them so you’re not repeating the same patterns.

With my clients, I use Energy Alignment Method to really work on this and really identify what’s below the surface and clear it out, and align to what they desire.

I mentioned that I have a free e-book, and this is five steps to finding the love of your life. And it’s an amazing place to start to really get clear on what you want. What negatives are coming up in your life, and how to kind of start changing that, so that it’s not affecting everything, it’s not affecting your love life, it’s not affecting who you attract. We want to start changing that.

Click below to download it and work through the exercises so that you can start on this journey. When you’re ready, book a call me and let’s have a chat, see where you’re at because only by doing the inner work, are you going to change where you’re at. I want you to find that perfect person for you. I want you to be happy in your relationship. I want you to have a tool that will be there for you when things get tough. And whether you’re single or in a relationship, life gets tough sometimes, so how do we deal with it?

If you get stuck on the workbook, get in contact, because you can have the dream relationship, you can find someone special. I found someone special after a shitty relationship. So I know you can do and I everything that I work with my clients and everything I talk about in the e-book, these are all the things that I have done to change my relationship.

I went from a toxic relationship to now being married to my husband and I met him six months after I did some of this work. I know how powerful this work is. So go and download that book. Think about what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, what you are saying to yourself, look at your past patterns and get in contact if you’re stuck.

Download the free e-book “Finding The Love Of Your Life in 5 Steps”:

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