5 Reasons To Do Pilates

Pilates Plank

There are many benefits to Pilates and here are my 5 top reasons.

Better spinal alignment and posture

Our lifestyle nowadays takes a toll on our spines and posture. We are hunched over the computer all day or sat watching TV or scrolling through our phones, and it can cause our spines to curve and cause problems as we get older. Pilates exercises allows the spine to be stretched in all directions and helps realign the spine and bring the skeletal system into the correct position. This improves posture and good posture is not only better for our body but also great for presenting a confident and strong person.

Tone up the abs

We all want tone, flat abs. Pilates targets the deep transverse abdominals to really pull in those muscles and flatten the belly. Working the transverse abdominals not only will make your belly flatter it will also stabilise the whole abdominal region front and back, which stabilises the back and can prevent lower back injuries.

Work the pelvic floor to keep it strong

The pelvic floor can often be forgotten as we can’t see it. However, the pelvic floor is important. When we work it at the same time as our transverse abdominals and diaphragm (activated through our breath) it stabilises the spine, and a stabilised spine means less injury. Strong pelvic floor muscles are also important as they are there to hold the internal organs in place and stop incontinence, especially important for pregnant women or post pregnancy. It also makes sex better and surely that is a good enough reason to work your pelvic floor!

De-stress the mind

In Pilates, there can be a lot to think about, the movement, the muscles being used, breathing, contracting the core and pelvic floor, visualisation, which doesn’t allow your mind to think about the hundred and 1 things you have to do. It allows your mind to focus on yourself, almost like meditation, leaving you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

Stretch the body

Pilates works your entire body. As well as toning and strengthening the body it stretches the body. Many of the moves not only work your core muscles but also stretches your body in all directions, increasing your flexibility. This feels great especially if you’ve spent the day sat at a computer or running around after children.

If you are ready for these benefits to come into your life, then join Warrior In Training Pilates Online, a great place to start your Pilates journey.

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