What are you waiting for?

Woman looking out window sad and  in deep thought.

You know your relationship needs to be worked on, but you keep resisting. Why is that? 

Are you scared to explore it? 
Are you worried that it will confirm what you already know deep down?
Are you scared this is the end? 
Do you not believe it is possible to fix?

Whatever excuse you are coming up with is stopping you from fixing the relationship. 

Yes, there will be things that are uncomfortable to explore. 

But that’s ok. You want to move past that and that does mean going through it. You are already in an uncomfortable situation, so what is there to lose? Going through the uncomfortable that comes with working on your relationship doesn’t have to last long, doesn’t have to be terrible. That’s what a coach is there for, to support you through it and guide you through it quicker. 

Yes, it might confirm what you already know. 

If you already know the solution, isn’t it best to confirm it is the right course of action and follow it than stay where you are? Sometimes it isn’t the answer we want. Sometimes it is hard to go through with it. Sometimes taking the action brings a whole new perspective and things we never thought would happen. 

Yes, it may mean the end. 

But it may not. It might mean you can save your relationship. If the relationship has run its course and now the time has come for it to end, then it will end one way or another. Of course it will be upsetting and heart breaking, but something new will come. Something better. Trust your instincts. 

Yes, you may not believe the relationship can be fixed. 

This in itself might be a limiting belief. It may be that you don’t want it to be fixed. It might mean you are scared to fix it. It may be that you don’t believe you deserve a good relationship. There are lots of resistances behind this belief. But whatever is going on, we want you to get clarity on what is possible and what isn’t. 

No matter what excuse you currently have to not work on your relationship, remember that nothing will change in your relationship until you take the decision to do something about it. 

You can choose to let the fear and worry stop you from doing something proactive, or you can choose to face the fear and worry to change where your relationship is at. 

Woman typing a message on her phone. waiting anxiously.

So, what are you waiting for? What is stopping you from doing something about your relationship now? You know they are excuses and nothing will change the way things are. 

If you are ready to do something about it, then drop me a message. Don’t stay stuck.

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