Do I need to love myself first to find love?

This week, I talked about whether you need to love yourself first to find the attract the dream partner. 

The answer is yes and no. 

Often it is said you have to love yourself first in order to find the right partner for you, and this has truth as when we are full of negativeness for ourselves (e.g. don’t feel good enough, feel not deserving of good, low confidence, low self esteem) that can cause you to attract the wrong person, who doesn’t see your goodness and/or doesn’t treat you well.

BUT this doesn’t mean you can’t still find the right partner when you are in that place, someone who sees all the amazing qualities in you.

I’ve had clients who had a lot of work to do on their self-love (and everything that encompasses) and having a partner who supported them, lifts them up emotionally, helps them see their qualities, meant they had a person who could encourage them during the work process. 

Don’t let the “I need to love myself first before I can find someone amazing” belief stop you from trying and in the meantime work on your self-love. If you are stuck, book a call with me.  

Your lack of self-love can affect things once you are in your relationship too (check out my blog on this), so whether you meet someone amazing now or later, working on those inner blocks will mean they don’t get triggered in your relationship too.

Check out the video for the full article. 

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