Stop daydreaming!

You are sitting at your dining table in your house which you love and have decorated the way you want.

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Armenian guy rollerblading

Crazy Armenians

Yesterday I came across this crazy Armenian. I wouldn’t personally rollerblade on the highway, but I do like 2 things about

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Bear lying tired on a log

Can’t sleep?

How often have you gone to bed and to find you are awake all night? Your brain is unable to

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Brace podcast

Getting Your Brave On!

Really excited to share this interview I did with Jena Rodriguez – Brave Masters about my journey and the brave steps I

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Burlexercise class photo

Shimmy, Smile, Sparkle

The reason I love teaching Burlexercise is because it is FUN! When I mention Burlexercise to most people, they think

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Pilates heals

Movement Heals

Yesterday I spoke about how good exercise made me feel during a time in my life when things weren’t going

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